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Urania Chang's Castle in the Air
Happily Ever After?
Because 1)I won't be able to get a whole vacation time to myself from now on;

                 2)The additional flights for the holiday transfer are crazy and I only got two hours of sleep to last me through a full 24-hours shift.

                 3)My arms and legs are cramped.

                 4)My co-workers teased me for being too polite with the people coming into the airport none-stop. :\ (What's wrong with being polite

Too tired to care which issue of Uncanny X-Men, or any other X-titles I read last time.
10th-Feb-2010 02:44 pm - ...


So buuuuuuuuuuusy. *sigh*


Got myself another Cyclops action figure ,Wii.and Asus TouchPad *yay*
1st-Jan-2010 09:48 pm - One Big Thank Note
Having Fun

[info]cyndrarae and [info]secretthought:

Thank you girls for your lovely visual gift and message! I appreciate them a lot! Happy New Year to you too~

21st-Dec-2009 09:05 am - Birthday Greeting
Original Five 03
Dear lunamazes :
Happy Birthday~~ I hope you enjoy a nice celebration with your family and friends, Hong Kong must be cold like here in Taiwan, so keep warm!
11th-Dec-2009 06:54 am - Thank you~
Dear lunamazes :

Thank you for the lovely V-gift~

I'm so flattered that you sent me this, sorry I did not post my appreciation sooner (I actually forgot it's Christmas seasonO_o)! Thank you so very much, I hope you enjoy a nice holiday in Hong Kong (that's where you live, right) with your firends and family~

Thanks again!
10th-Dec-2009 07:12 pm - Nation X #1 ~Bring the Scogan-ness~
Scogan OTP

Is now Scogan going to be officially acknowledged?

It's totally time! Bring the wedding dress and flowers!
5th-Dec-2009 02:22 pm - Sims3&New EP
Sim Scott
Accidentally married my Sim-Scott to Sim-Logan in Sim-China, when my Sim-Scott is still married to Sim-Jean at home(?), and now Scott's last name is no longer "Summers".

Need to fix it ASAP.
29th-Nov-2009 09:25 am - Happy News~
Originally from Scoured and _jamesmarsden_ :

‘Straw Dogs’ remake casts James Marsden, Alexander Skarsgard

By catherine atkinson | Thursday, July 16, 2009, 11:14 AM

James Marsden (X-Men) and Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”) are starring the remake of Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs, says The Hollywood Reporter.
The original told of an American (Dustin Hoffman) and his British wife who encounter violence and harassment in rural England. Then, after one particular attack, Hoffman’s David Sumner seeks violent retribution.

The remake moves the action to a small Southern town. Marsden will take on the role of Sumner, and it looks like Skarsgard will play one of the vicious locals.

James and someone named Alexander? Why am I always seeing Summers brothers in so many things?:P

28th-Nov-2009 11:12 am - Birthday Greeting!
Having Fun
Dear wildannuette:

Happy Birthday~~~!!! I hope you have a great time celebrating the day, and are surrounded by all the things and people that make you feel loved and cared for!

23rd-Nov-2009 07:22 pm - Um...Life is short.
There was a turtledove flied into the office today, and hit its head on the window, hard, creating a big fuss in our lunchtime.

It went limp in our hands, we assumed that it fainted, or had a concussion so two of my co-workers decided to take it to a pet hospital, I had court work this afternoon so I stayed behind, unfortunately the turtledove died before it was taken to the hospital and into medical care.

Poor thing, my co-workers said the doctor told them that it was young, just out of puberty.
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