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19th-Nov-2009 06:18 pm - Birthday Greeting!
Dear imadra_blue :

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy a wonderful experience celebrating another special day! And have another fulfill year ahead of you!!!~~~~

PS.I haven't found a Cuba restaurant in Taiwan yet, so still haven't had the opportunity to enjoy some south-American food:P

17th-Nov-2009 10:12 pm - Why Fate? Oh, Why?
Cyclops Noir
Why did someone decide to steal my wallet right after I got the money from my colleague to repay my brother?


And why did the someone couldn't keep his/her hands out of things that did not belong to him/her?

That was half of my monthly salary!

16th-Nov-2009 06:53 pm - Birthday Greeting
Having Fun
Dear cassandra581 :

Hope you enjoy a nice birthday with your important ones, and have a happy and sufficient life next year!
8th-Nov-2009 04:40 pm - I must be lucky today.

Haven't watched TV for almost a year and the first time I switched it on while waiting for a ride from my dad today and I saw JAMES! James and the Box and...Ms Diaz.

The screen showed they were being interviewed together, first Ms. Diaz started talking, when she obviously reached a certain break, James chimed in, BUT THAT WOMAN INTERRUPTED HIM! That was RUDE! Didn't her mother teach her manners?! Or when she should SHUT UP?! No wonder she has such a big mouth.

Lucky Ms Diaz that I'll still watch the movie, because of James Marsden, never because of you, lady.

Btw, he was gorgeous on TV, all scruffy-jawed but still sexy as hell.

7th-Nov-2009 07:56 pm - Hong Kong Trip- First Day

Went to Hong Kong with my parents last weekend. Had a great time, ate lots, and really tired now that I'm back (need to walk a lot in Hong Kong, no wonder they're all slim!) and it's work day the day after I went home(should have taken another day off...but that'd be too greedy!).

*First Day
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29th-Oct-2009 07:54 pm - Hong Kong! I'm coming!
Cyclops 04
Flying out in the morning, me and my stomach are ready!
Cyclops 05
Can't Marvel make an Astonishing X-Men animation? Preferably with Whedon as the editor?

From here. Seeing a walking Cyclops still has me squealed with happiness, even though the choice of voice actor for Scott and Emma were lousy.
26th-Oct-2009 10:09 pm - Birthday Greeting!

Dear secretthought

Thank you for all your kind help for my fics! I hope you have a great time celebrating your special day with your family and/or friends! And everything goes well in your school life~

PS. I'll be finishing my chapter 5 soon!


Never know that there are Transformers in our army...then why need ordinary humans if we have these robotic beings?

Seriously, the first time I saw this commercial I thought it was a newly-released trailer of the Transformer movie, I was like "Wow, no skimpy-clothing woman at all from a long long time for once."

At least, I know the technique of 3D visual effect here is no less good than Hollywood's.

26th-Oct-2009 12:23 pm - I like beef but...
Cyclops 04
Why should I be forced to choose American Boned Beef?

If the Americans love it so much they're willing to overlook the potential danger of mad cow disease, they can eat it all by themselves, why should our government act so cowardly to force the policy because poor almighty American even has to lay low to 'ask' for us to let their beef in?
If you want me to pay for something it's you who needs to convince me that the stuff you're selling is worthy of the money and with minimal danger.

Now my parents band me on eating all kinds of beef, just in case.